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CONFERENCE PROGRAM,  26 December 2015

kerpiç’15- Built Environment on Silk Road






Dr. Mustafa Aydın                      Istanbul Aydın University Board of Trustees Chairman

Prof. Dr. Yadigâr İZMİRLİ          Rector

Prof. Dr. Turhan Nejat ARAL     Dean of Architecture and Design Faculty

Prof.Dr. Bilge IŞIK                      Conference Chair

Prof.Dr. Celal Nazım İrem          UNESCO Chair in Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and

                                                   Education, Istanbul Aydin University (Yrd. Doç. Dr. Gülay Uğur Göksel)                                                                   


10.00-11.00    Session 1

10.00-10.30    Dr. Ali Polat, Iran, Azerbaycan

                       Business and ideas based on Silk Road direction

10.30-11.00    Dr. Toğrul Veli, Eurasian Initiative and Cooperation Association, Chairman of the board          

                       The bridge of Silk Road relations between China and Turkey


11.00-11.30    COFFEE BREAK


11.30-12.30    Session 2

11.30-12.00    Prof. Dr.Kamil Veli Nerimanoğlu, Faculty of Art and Sciences, Istanbul Aydın Univesity

                       Silk Road is Culture Road

12.00-12.30    Prof. Dr. Jafar Gıyasi, MSc, Urbanologist, Associate Member of National Academy

                       of Sciences of Azerbaijan

                       City of Tabriz-Architectural Center on Silk Road


12.30-13.30     LUNCH


14.00-15.00    Session 3

14.00-14.30    Asst. Prof. Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hossein Ayatollahi, Department of Architecture,

   Yazd University

   The University and the City- A New Horizon to connect to Yazd Bazar

14.30-15.00     Asst. Prof.Dr. Nariman Farahza, Department of Architecture, Yazd University

                        Asst. Prof.Dr. Elaheh Golzari Vernacular Research center of Art and Architecture   

                        Faculty of Yazd University 

   The Regeneration of Earthen Architecture in Yazd


15.00-15.30     COFFEE BREAK


15.30-17.00    Session 4

15.30-16.00    Prof. Dr. Sedat Aybar, Faculty of Economics and Adminisrative Sciences,

                       Istanbul Aydin University

                       Constructing the Re-structuring world

16.00-16.30    Dr. Tuğşad Tülbentçi, Near East Uni., Faculty  of Architecture, Department of Architecture                              

                       Özge Tülek, Near East University, Faculty  of Architecture, Department of Architecture                             

                       Silk Road accommodation facilities, Kumarcılar Han in North Cyprus

16.30-16.45    Dr.Şefika Ergin Oruç, Department of Architecture, Dicle University

                       Architectural Features and materials usage at rural architecture of Diyarbakir province

16.45-17.00    Dr.Fatma Sedes, Architectural Restoration, Istanbul Aydın University

                       Adobe Brick Filled Wooden Structure Houses Built On Silk Road in Anatolia


17.00-17.15    CLOSING CEREMONY


Secretary of Conference, Gökçen F. YÜCEL,

Faculty of Architecture and Design, Istanbul Aydin University


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